Previous Work

Aine the Fairy Goddess

Original Sold at The Inverarity Gallery.
This painting was where Jodie first really saw her magical imagination starting to come to life in her work, which has grown from here
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hedgehog snowdrop snail painting art

The Hoglet, The Snail & The Ladybird

Original Sold at The Inverarity Gallery
This is Jodie's most favourite painting she has ever painted
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Secrets of Cothiemuir

Original Sold at The Inverarity Gallery
This painting features Jodies interpritation of the beautiful local stone circle Cothiemuir, its Jodie's most favorite place on earth, she grew up just down the road from it and has been visiting it since she was a wee child.
Cothiemuir Recumbent Stone Circle. Recumbent and flankers near Keig on Donside in Aberdeenshire and now the focus for a nearby natural burial site with a spiritual connection going back to Bronze Age times
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The Beholding Vixen

Original Sold at The Inverarity Gallery
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Whispers of Darkness

Original Available
This was the last biro pen drawing Jodie ever did before moving more comfortably into painting with watercolours.
Hes currently the only drawing of Jodies up in her house, shes willing to part with him if someone was interested.

Making Friends

Original Sold
Another wee favourite of Jodie's is red squirrels, they are so dainty and delicate. Jodie sees them a lot in her local park in Alford, they are so so lovely to see.
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