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Artist Jodie Bews - Everlongart

Cedric e Flapper Skate

Cedric e Flapper Skate

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Written in Doric by Jackie Ross and Illustrated by Jodie Bews.

DORIC - “Flapper Skates are een o Scotland’s maist endangert species. Read Cedric’s story tae learn mair aboot thim.”

ENGLISH - ”Flapper Skates are one of Scotland’s most endangered species.  Read Cedric’s story to learn more about them”

DORIC - “Iss is e real story o Cedric e Flapper Skate fa wis rescued bi e Orkney Skate Trust syne tae bide at Macduff Marine Aquarium. E glossary at e back is ere tae help readers o aa levels o Doric. Ye can listen tae e story bein read in Doric an English on the Doric Books website an read an English translation ere inna.”

ENGLISH - ”This is the read story of Cedric the Flapper Skate who was rescued by the Orkney Skate Trust then went to stay at the Macduff Marine Aquarium.  The glossary at the back is there to help readers of all levels of Doric.  You can listen to the story being read in Doric and English on the Doric Books website and read an English translation there too.

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